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RSVP for Pittsburgh Global Frackdown 2013!
Global Frackdown 2013 is just around the corner, and since this year it coincides with Power Shift in Pittsburgh we're inviting everyone to participate in the Frackdown, Saturday October 19.
Attend public hearing for Loyalsock Forest
Next week the state House will be holding a public hearing on the future of the Loyalsock State Forest. RSVP here to attend and show our elected officials that we expect them to protect the Loyalsock State Forest from further gas drilling
Governor Corbett's environmental report card
Sign our petition to Gov. Corbett asking him to take greater steps to protect Pennsylvania's environment--now and for future generations of Pennsylvanians.
Help protect the Allegheny River
Help protect the Allegheny River from pollution
Join our march to defend Loyalsock State Forest
PennEnvironment is about to embark on a 12-mile hike from Loyalsock State Forest to Chairman Yaw's office in Williamsport where we will deliver over 10,000 petitions to defend Loyalsock. Join us on our march!
Join us for a global warming town hall
Join us for a town hall meeting to hear from experts about how Pittsburgh can combat global warming and boost the local economy though clean energy.
Join us: Interfaith panel on global warming
Join us for an April 22nd interfaith panel on climate change in Philadelphia.
Protect Loyalsock state forest from drilling
Tell Governor Corbett's Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR): "Keep drilling out of Loyalsock State Forest."
Protect our rivers and streams
Polluters are taking advantage of loopholes in the Clean Water Act, and now nearly 15,000 miles of our streams and rivers are considered unsafe for swimming and fishing. Take action.
Protect Pennsylvania's parks
Our state's parks--from Valley Forge to Ricketts Glen and Ohiopyle--face a barrage of threats from encroaching overdevelopment, ongoing pollution, fracking and Marcellus Shale drilling, and coal mining. Tell your member of Congress to protect them.
RSVP For 'Turn The Power On' at Temple
RSVP for Community Energy's 'Turn the Power On' celebration at Temple.
RSVP: June 17 Don't frack our forests Rally
RSVP for the June 17 Rally against Gov. Corbett's decision to lease more of our state parks and forests for fracking.
Save Pennsylvania's Family Farms
The Pennsylvania Farm Preservation program has saved over 4,100 farms in 57 counties. Now Gov. Corbett wants to end this program that is protecting family farms. Tell your legislators to preserve our farms.
Save Pennsylvania's streams
Gov. Corbett proposed eliminating one of Pennsylvania's most important conservation programs, the Keystone Fund. Tell your legislator to stand up to the Governor and save our streams.
Stand with Attorney General Kane against the fracking industry
Thank the Attorney General for taking action to hold a fracking company accountable for their pollution.
Tell Harrisburg protect Loyalsock State Forest!
Ask your legislator to cosponsor legislation to protect Loyalsock from gas drilling.
Tell Harrisburg: Keep gas drilling out of Loyalsock state forest
Tell Governor Corbett's Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR): "Keep drilling out of Loyalsock State Forest."
Tell Obama: Don't frack our national forests and parks
Tell President Obama to keep fracking out of our forests and parks
Tell President Obama: Lead on global warming
As President Obama nears a set of critical decisions on global warming, we need him to lead with his actions, not just his words and he can start by rejecting the Keystone XL pipeline. Add your name to our petition to Obama.
Tell Rep. Fitzpatrick: Don't vote for more global warming pollution
It's time for Congressman Fitzpatrick to stand up against climate change.
Tell the PA House: Don't rollback endangered species protections
Politicians in Harrisburg are considering a proposal that would rollback protections for endangered and threatened wildlife in Pennsylvania. Tell them to vote no on HB1576.
Tell the PA Senate: No immunity for polluters
The Pennsylvania Senate is moving forward legislation that could give companies sweeping immunity for withdrawing polluted water. If there is an accident or spill, the law could make it virtually impossible to hold them accountable for the damage.
Tell your legislators: "Don't Frack Our State Parks."
Tell your state senator to oppose any budget proposal that includes fracking under our state parks and forests.
Tell your Senator: Cosponsor legislation for a fracking moratorium
Tell your Senator to cosponsor legislation for a moratorium on fracking.
Tell your Senator: Stand up for Pennsylvania's parks
Tell your Senators to protect our national parks
Tell your Senators: Protect Our Parks
Valley Forge, Gettysburg, the Delaware Water Gap and Ohiopyle have all been protected by the Land and Water Conservation Fund. Unless our elected officials act, this program will disappear. Tell your Senators to protect our parks.
Your legislator shouldn't stand in the way of the Clean Air Act
Your legislator voted against the Clean Air Act--and efforts to cut the largest source of global warming pollution. Tell them to stop standing in the way.

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