Online Action Center

Get Big Money Out of Politics
Sign our petition supporting all efforts to remove the legal barriers that prevent Americans and/or their duly elected leaders from placing limits on campaign contributions and spending.
Make Textbooks More Affordable
Our research shows that textbook publishing companies ranks in huge profits with unfair business practices that drive up the costs of higher higher education. You can help by emailing Tom Allen, the CEO of the Association of American Publishers.
Protect our Oceans Petition
Sign the petition to protect the ocean by reducing the use of plastic bags.
Support A Clean Energy Future for Oregon
Too much of Oregon's energy comes from dirty sources that harm our environment. Governor Kitzhaber's 10 Year Energy Plan Draft is a good start to powering our future with clean, renewable energy, but the state should do more to lead on these solutions.
Textbook Rebellion
Sign the petition to join the Textbook Rebellion, a movement of students, faculty, administrators and affordable textbook creators.
Urge President Obama to Protect Crater Lake
With its deep blue waters and 2,000-foot rim walls, Crater Lake is Oregon's crown jewel. Logging companies are pushing to clearcut old-growth forest right outside the lake's boundaries. Urge President Obama to block these reckless logging proposals.