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"It's moronic to shut down government over this."
In the first days of the shutdown, it's critical that we let politicians know we think the shutdown is "moronic" and, furthermore, it's reckless. The louder we are, the quicker Congress will break the gridlock.
Overturn Citizens United
All across the country, people are standing up to mark the unhappy anniversary of Citizens United by uniting in a massive call to action to get big money out of politics. Can you join us?
Dear Congress: Enough Gridlock. Pass a Fair Budget.
The temporary budget expires on January 15, and we need members of Congress to work across the aisle to pass a budget that gives kids a fair shot and gets
Get big money out of politics
The Supreme Court has decided that corporations are people, and that they and the wealthy can spend as much as they want on elections you've noticed the big uptick in political attack ads. Sign our petition to support a constitutional amendment.
How has the shutdown affected you?
The shutdown has held up small business loans, cut food aid from mothers and their children, and even denied cancer treatments to patients. But Congress needs to hear how the shutdown is affecting you.
It's time for early education for all.
On Nov. 13, a bill was introduced that would help every child get access to early education, and it already has bipartisan support. We must show that this is something that everyone can agree on.
Let's Tell Congress: Everyone Deserves a Fair Share
Send an email to your representative. Tell them to remember one of Rev. King's goals during the March on Washington: Good jobs and a better life for all Americans.
Make Corporations Pay Their Fair Share
Thanks to loopholes in the tax code, huge multi-national corporations hide their profits offshore in order to avoid paying taxes. We're joining with President Obama to tell Congress to ditch corporate tax loopholes.
Put America Back to Work
America has work to do: We need new schools, more teachers and better roads, bridges and transit systems. At the same time, millions of people who are able to get these jobs done are still unemployed. Let's put America back to work.
Reject loopholes, don't renew them
Is Congress really about to REINSTATE loopholes that let corporations like GE, Goldman Sachs and Citigroup dodge taxes? With Tax Day around the corner, let's show Congress that we're tired of these outrageous corporate tax loopholes.
Stop playing politics with our kids' health
A new bill in Congress (sponsored by extreme Republicans) would play politics with our kids' health in the worst way, by gutting our national school lunch nutrition standards. Tell your representative to stop playing politics with kids' health.
Tell Your Senators: Vote for Jobs
Urge your senators to vote YES to invest in putting Americans back to work doing what America needs done. Tell them to support the American Jobs Act and all of its parts.
Call on Wells Fargo to pay their fair share
Wells Fargo is shirking their responsibility by paying an artificially low tax rate and cutting thousands of jobs. Join our call that Wells Fargo pay their fair share of taxes so that together we can rebuild Colorado's economy.